The Ether: EvilScience – Vulnhub Writeup


I was all set to get started on another VM (g0rmint) but ultimately couldn’t get networking to work with it under VirtualBox using NAT/bridge/host-only or any other type of adapter and trying out other misc. settings.   Sad times.

So in its place I’ll be doing “The Ether”, another VM that was pretty recently posted to Vulnhub.  The author hints this is not for beginners and hopes for some OSCPers to try it out so hopefully this should be a good challenge. 🙂

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Brainpan: 1 – Vulnhub Writeup


This is another VM from Vulnhub that was recommended on Abatchy’s blog for OSCP preparation.  I think this will be the last Linux box for a while and I will try to delve into vulninjector or other Windows-based vulnerable systems.  This one has been marked as intermediate-level difficulty so hopefully will be a bit more challenging than the previous one!  Let’s get started. Continue reading “Brainpan: 1 – Vulnhub Writeup”

LazySysAdmin: 1 – Vulnhub Writeup


Another fun looking boot2root vulnhub VM that came out in in last months large batch release!  This one is supposedly inspired by the author failing the first OSCP attempt (maybe it will offer clues so I won’t meet a similar fate later this month?).

Let’s start off with the usual scan to confirm the target’s IP assigned on the network. Continue reading “LazySysAdmin: 1 – Vulnhub Writeup”